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S2068T-FTMS System Aktiv8T Flowtech75 MS nu scherp geprijsd en snel leverbaar bij AVNed!


S2068T-FTMS System Aktiv8T Flowtech75 MS

€ 3.565,00 prijs excl. btw Regular Price € 4.313,65 prijs incl. btw € 2.499,00 prijs excl. btw Special Price € 3.023,79 prijs incl. btw
  • Maximaal draaggewicht: 12kg
  • Maximale hoogte: 176cm
  • Materiaal: Carbon Fiber
  • Spreader: Mid-level
  • Bowlhead: 75mm
  • Aantal secties: 3
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Sachtler system aktiv8t Touch&Go with flowtech75 aktiv tripod, mid-level spreader, carry handle and bag (S2068T-FTMS)

Weighing only 6.3 kg the aktiv8 flowtech75 system is both lightweight and durable, designed to be a long-serving and high-performing part of your kit. This system is the perfect choice for professional medium-sized camcorders and digital cine camera set ups of up to 12 kg. 15 counterbalance steps allow for fast and precise balancing of your camera. Its sideload mechanism with a long sliding range of 120 mm make loading and positioning the camera quick and easy. Seven drag settings provide smooth and fast options to adjust drag performance without jolts or vibrations. The illuminated PrismBubble with top or side view makes levelling easy from any height.

Aktiv8t Fluidhead (S2068T)
The aktiv8t fluid head with the unique SpeedLevel™ technology can be levelled in seconds giving you time to get the perfect shot in documentary, corporate, or news applications. The SpeedSwap™ system delivers the fastest way to switch between tripod and slider in seconds giving you ultimate flexibility.

Tripod flowtech 75 aktiv MS (4585)
Being able to quickly set up and level a shot in any environment and terrain gives you more time to be creative and get the perfect shot. The Sachtler flowtech® 75 MS carbon fibre tripod’s mid-level spreader and rubber feet mean that each leg extends or retracts independently of the other two. Each leg has an individual clamping mechanism so that you can loosen and lock them from a single location near the 75 mm bowl. This deployment speed is paired with an easy to use ergonomic, lightweight design that can follow into the most intense environments.
The carbon fibre design of the Sachtler flowtech75 MS only weighs 3.5 kg, but is capable of supporting up to 20 kg. The design also provides a high level of torsional stability so that you can be sure your pans will always stay completely level with no twisting. When you’ve got the perfect shot, the legs can be folded up while remaining attached, where a magnetic lock holds them in place until you release them again.

Mid-level spreader flowtech 75 (S2054-1001)
The Sachtler Mid-Level Spreader for FlowTech 75 is designed to easily open the FlowTech 75 tripod legs. Since it is mid-level, the spreader will still work in situations with uneven terrain or stairs. Using the locking clamps, the FlowTech 75 legs can be secured closer together, enabling the tripod bowl to be set higher than the legs would normally allow. This functionality is particularly useful during press conferences and live events where the camera needs to see over crowds.

Padded Bag Flowtech 75 (9116)
With dimensions of 93 x 23 x 20cm, this Padded Bag from Sachtler is designed specifically for carrying a flowtech 75 tripod equipped with an FSB fluid head. It is made with a high-density 900D fabric, which is both flame retardant and water-resistant to help ensure that your equipment stays safe. Additionally, layers of both open-cell and closed-cell foam are used in the construction to protect your gear against small bumps and shocks.

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  • Aktiv8T Fluidhead (S2068T)
  • Tripod flowtech 75 aktiv MS (4585)
  • Mid-level spreader flowtech 75 (S2054-1001)
  • Rubber Feet flowtech (S2058-1073)
  • Padded bag flowtech 75 (9116)
  • Pan bar DV 75 (0992SP)
  • Touch & Go plate S (0364)
  • Carry handle flowtech, rotating (S2051-1062)
Type Statief
Compleet systeem
Fabrikant code
Gewicht (kg)
1 jaar + 2 jaar extra na registratie
Minimale Hoogte
Maximale Hoogte
Transport Lengte
Maximaal Draagvermogen
Type Spreader
Mid-level spreader
Padded bag
Type Bowl
Fluid drag
7 steps + 0
15 steps +0
Counterbalance bereik
0 - 12kg
Pan/Tilt Drag (Stappen)
2 Stappen
Tilt Range
90° / -70°
Cameraplaat type
Touch & Go plate
Carbon Fiber
Type Bowl
Maximaal draagvermogen
Hoogte bereik
41 - 158cm
Aantal stages
Aantal secties
Type voeten
Rubber voetjes
Type sluiting poten