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Xtreme Zoom 28-85mm T3.2 FF Cine Lens


Xtreme Zoom 28-85mm T3.2 FF Cine Lens

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  • 28-85mm T3.2 Sony E-Mount + PL
  • Full Frame Compact Cine Zoom
  • Parfocal Design to Zoom & Maintain Focus
  • Minimal Lens Breathing Distortion
  • Focus Scales Visible in Meters & Feet
  • Minimum Focus Distance of 40cm
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Chiopt Xtreme 28-85mm T3.2 Sony E-Mount "Open Box" model.
PL Mount included

The EXTREMER series is a modern multi-zoom cinema lens set developed by us for large-format camera systems. It strictly follows the optical and mechanical structure requirements of the film industry. It is newly developed and manufactured. 28-85mm is in this series. The first product of, covering the more commonly used focal lengths, has a T3.2 constant aperture, 6-8K-level clarity, precise par focal function, well-controlled breathing, sharp and unfavorable focal inside, soft transition outside focal length, and enhanced In addition to glare suppression, it has a DIY bayonet design, and provides multiple bayonet system options such as PL, EF, and E. Among similar products, the volume and weight control are more excellent.


Surface Technology

Unique coating process for greater hardness and strength, more resistant to hand prints and oil stains.

Linear aperture ring

Consistent rotation angle per stop for more intuitive aperture control

Metric & imperial double-sided scales

The metric scale on the left side of the focus ring, and the inch scale on the right side, to meet different needs

Anti-dust and raindrops

During the design process of the lens structure of this series, the protection against general sand, dust and raindrops has been specially strengthened to ensure normal shooting under severe conditions.

*Sand, dust and raindrops are not the promised function of this product, but to minimize the possibility of its occurrence during product design, please use it in a safe environment

Volume and weight

The volume and weight are well controlled in the full-frame zoom cine lens with all-metal structure

Supplementary focal length is available

Telephoto zoom and wide-angle zoom are already planned, so stay tuned

Out of focus

The out-of-focus spot is rounded and the bokeh is natural.

Follow focus stroke

288-degree focus stroke, realizing manual precise follow focus

Adjustable back focus

The factory must be strictly inspected to ensure the accuracy of the rear flange distance. At the same time, various specifications of gaskets are provided as standard, which can be adjusted by DIY. The flange distance is accurate to achieve

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