We are happy to announce new firmware to enable streaming to Facebook Live and Custom RTMP Destinations via ATOMOS Cloud Studio for SHOGUN CONNECT, ATOMOS CONNECT for NINJA V and NINJA V+ (AtomOS 10.82) and ZATO CONNECT (AtomOS Lite 10.02) - available to download now on the ATOMOS support page.

  • The integration of Facebook Live for these devices marks the next major platform release for streaming in ATOMOS Cloud Studio following Twitch and YouTube.
  • Custom RTMP streaming enables content creators to connect and stream to almost any platform of their choice - allowing them to share their work anywhere and with anyone.
  • The firmware update also includes fixes for WIFI issues.

See release notes for AtomOS 10.82 for SHOGUN CONNECT & NINJA V & V+ for ATOMOS CONNECT

See release notes for for AtomOS Lite 10.02 for ZATO CONNECT

These continous improvements and the integration of a growing number of supported platforms opens great opportunities for influencers, streamers and businesses using social media to engage with their followers and elevate their content to the next level by upgrading their gear or taking the next step with their equipment.