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Rycote Windshield WS 295 kit

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The Modular Windshield 295 Kit is suitable for shotgun mics 210mm to 255mm in length and 19-25mm diameter with a 3-Pin XLR Connector. It is favoured by some as a historical alternative to the WS4 for the Sennheiser MKH 416 where a compact size is highest priority.

Kit specificaties:
Windshield Body Length: 295 mm
Total Windshield Length: 405 mm (includes the End Caps)
Height of Windshield: 100mm
Windjammer Fur Length: 40mm
Windjammer Fur Colour: Grey
Microphone Connector: XLR-3F
Max Wind-noise Attenuation: 50 dB

Windshield kit 295

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